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Brad Pitt is spending time with MIT professor Neri Oxman — but what does it mean?


Angie's entertainment or brad and angie five kiss brad pitt has a new woman in his life he's been spending time with women name oxman cheese an architect and professor of media arts and sciences at mit patriots boy george clooney exactly they're all gonna get together and drink tequila highbrow brainy conversations a source says the two are just friends and the friendship's not romantic by a lot of people are saying otherwise he's an awardwinning architect to he's a really an architect like savant he's a bluff himself he loves architecture so maybe that's a perfect fit for him under casually dating been going out nothing serious in the dating area but we'll see jenna dewan is speaking up on rumors that channing tatum's behavior was what was to blame for their separation rap for the actress said happy to clarify that absolutely none of these rumors are true and response to the reports that he's partying and flirting and that's what caused the split mystique many added the reason our statement was so positive because that's the reality of the situation they announced there's a total joint statement saying there's no secrets we love each other very much nothing's changed just divorcing more online today if you wanna see the picture of brad pitt and the mit girlfriend check that on our website thank you log on more stuff is up at fred angie dot com this hour music brought to you by verizon wireless angie traffic traffic is brought to you by ashley homestore bishop ford salad one hundred fifteen th all the way to seventy nine th on the ryan due to an earlier crash and slow again from the stevenson merged to downtown it's time to celebrate and save at ashley homestore's anniversary sale save thirty five percents like furniture and mattresses plus get twelve months special financing seventy two months no interest now at america's number one furniture and mattress store ashley homestore this old i that's traffic three five kiss fm do you need car insurance is only one company to call in chicagoland united auto insurance at seven seven three.

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Brad Pitt is spending time with MIT professor Neri Oxman — but what does it mean?

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