Putin rally draws tens of thousands of supporters ahead of presidential election



In his deathrow cell thousands of supporters of russian president vladimir putin turned out in moscow offer presidential campaign rally two weeks before the election the election itself is scheduled for march the eighteenth it's been timed to coincide with the fourth anniversary of russia's annexation of crimea an event that his hugely popular within russia itself in this election vladimir putin is seeking a fourth term that would give him another six years on top of the eighteen years he has already been in power today's appearance comes two days after putin claimed russia had developed a number of weapons including nuclearpropelled nuclear missile could something many observers say may just be a bluff functions brancheau coat tsa and amtrak testing new equipment to detect potential suicide bombers in new york city new york's penn station as the nation's busiest commuter rail hawks several agencies patrol the station and do random bag jack but screening every person at airports out checkpoints would be impractical now amtrak and the tsa or testing new socalled passive devices standoff explosive detection units set up a natural chokepoints like escalators and stairs that use hightech imaging to reveal metallic were nonmetallic objects blocking a person's body he the machines doni even radiation and don't show anatomical details just color bars or green goes like images fox's rick levin of state senate committee in west virginia has voted to reduce the proposed pay raise for teachers who have walked off their jobs to protest their salaries committee voted to lower the pay bumped by a percentage point to four percent now heads to the full senate i'm chill you fox news.

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