German cities could ban some diesel cars after court ruling


Of court has ruled that its legal for cities to pan diesel 'cause the federal administrative court in luxy says germany's states cities and communities have the right to impose diesel bands to control air pollution without federal legislation sonja gene as the head of de w's environment geskin joins me sonia can you explain what the court's decision actually entails so the administrative court in leipzig has just made a general decision on whether or not diesel bands can be imposed by municipalities and the back on on that is that stood guard and dusseldorf two big german cities had tried to reduce air pollution by imposing or wanting to impose some of these driving bans and the state so north rhinewestphalia and badenwuerttemberg opposed this and the the state and the federal government's really are trying to avoid these diesel bounce and so they brought this to the administrative court and now the administrative court has released this muchanticipated ruling which basically will allow german cities to impose diesel bands but the diesel bans are also quite restrictive that they've allowed so cities within six months half to come up with a plan to reduce their air pollution it can include diesel bands but very specifically this euro four as kind of the oldest and the dirtiest dieselcar standard is the one that can be banned first than in two thousand nineteen the euro five which is the kind of the next step of car and maybe eventually euro six which is the most recent other signs at the moment that specific cities are going to follow up on this immediately well it's likely that cities that brought this case will impose diesel bounce stood guard as we know has serious air pollution problems it among the seventy cities in germany that routinely have emissions of this pollutant that's harmful for human health above the standard that is allowed by the eu so this is one way in which the cities are trying to get a handle on the air pollution problem well as you mentioned the the government both the federal government and the state governments have opposed these bans building is under pressure from the eu to do more to combat air pollution so what other options on their them the back on on that is a germany is one of nine eu countries where routinely the emissions levels are above what's allowed in the eu and in order to tackle that bans.

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