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Mm-hmm. Welcome to drugs and stuff podcast from the drug policy alliance. What's up everyone? It's your buddy Derek for new episode of drugs and stuff. Be flying solo today are host. Tommy likes to say that drugs and stuff is the place where smart people come to talk about drugs. Fortunately, I'm your smart person today. Sorry. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to try to do episodes more often for you guys. You know, even if we're just hopping on the cans for a few minutes talking about what the latest is, we want to be reaching out and giving you guys more content on a regular basis. So this is our attempt at a minniap- Assode before I get into what I want to talk about today. We were at a rally down at city hall in New York City. Our colleagues in our New York policy office and our allies at vocal New York harm reduction coalition. And a ton of other groups in the New York area got are folks down at city hall, and we held a rally calling out mayor. Blasi, oh, for not releasing a feasibility study that he said he would be releasing soon a few weeks ago, and the study is about supervised consumption services. Some may know them as supervising junction facilities, safe for consumption sites, suffused different names for what we're talking about. But what we're talking about is facilities where people can come and use their pre obtain drugs in a supervised setting with medical staff on hand, in case, there's an overdose these sites exist in over a hundred cities around the world places all over Europe. There's a few in Canada. Now there's quite a bunch actually used to be only one in all North America called insight. A lot of folks may have heard of that. It's in Vancouver, but you know, this is a proven solution for. Reducing the number of overdose deaths. There's never been an overdose death in any supervised. Injection facility are safer consumption site anywhere in the world. While there have been people who have overdosed, there's always medical staff on hand with Milan. This is a place that can steer people towards treatment and other surfaces. It's not simply, you know, a place for people to use drugs and and you know, not address problems with addiction and stuff like that. This is the kind of program that is, you know, a proven solution for dealing with problematic drug use addiction, and I just want to give a shout out to everyone who came down to city hall this morning shoutout to Cassandra furry who heads up our New York office. Melissa more our friends at vocal. They organize such an incredible rally was so powerful. There's actually video on our Facebook page. If you go to drug policy line's Facebook page, did a little quick live video of Cassandra speaking. There were so many other excellent speakers. Some civil disobedience was happening. You know, we definitely had the mayor's attention actually mayor de Blasios walked by while we were all over. One hundred of us are out on the steps of city hall, and he was walking into the building walking pretty pretty briskly. You know, probably walking as he could could've without running and looking like he was trying to avoid us. But anyways, it was a powerful moment. I wanna give shout out to all the folks made that happen. So the main reason I wanted to hop on the Mike today is because of something I saw on the news few weeks ago. Kellyanne Conway was speaking at a forum for young people about crises on college campuses, I think and one of the topics was drugs, and it was also kind of just following up after Trump released his plan to combat the opioid crisis, which we call an overdose crisis, which I could get into later. But what I want to really kind of focus on right now is something that Kellyanne Conway said about. Well, the headlines were her basic advice was eat the ice cream, have the French fries. Don't buy the street drug and I wanna play the clip. Actually, let's just here. Just a minute long. Let's hear what she has to say, and then I'm gonna break down a little bit. I, you hear an awful lot about opiates today and is very serious crisis in our nation. But heroin uses meth uses up all types of illicit drugs coming over southern border in our males, frankly, and elsewise. And if you remember anything about the entire conversation on drugs, I would commend you one major point and it's called Fenton. Fennel is a synthetic opioid, most of America suffers from information under load when it comes to the horrors and the dangerous and really the city, we Falati of Fenton. All it is synthetically produced. It comes into this country through a couple of

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