Boston Red Sox's Mookie Betts outshines New York Yankees Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton


To you my friend hello again labral body well business as usual for the t grades last night there in cleveland game two of the series with the tribe and they fall short to one the final indians get to win it was roberto parray's leading off with a home run in the eighth offer lever alex wilson mr wilson by the way took the loss he's oh and two i digress the tigers getting great starting pitching to kick off this twenty eighteen campaign but i'll tell you this jamar candelaria and an rbi double in the seventh that was the tigers i run in twenty three innings need i say more great night for candelaria by the way three doubles he was also hit by a pitch matthew boyd what a gem of a performance one run in seven innings of work the indians continue to win but they are banning a major league low one fifty eight but they have dominated the tigers nine straight wins for cleveland over the detroiters as a matter of fact the tribe twenty nine and ten against detroit since the start of the two thousand sixteen season alright they will conclude the series six ten tonight jordan zimmerman on the hill for the league list ears no decision as if yet era of eight point seven one but i will tell you this because it's my job he has faced cleveland five times in his career he has owned four area of ten point eight indians will send out the veteran carlos carrasco he has to know era slightly elevated if you don't mind me saying at five point four zero if not for intermittent drizzle last night television cameras would have been focused on twin new york yankee slugger aaron judge giancarlo stanton as they took aim at the green monster and batting practice instead a few hours later viewers were treated to the mookie betts show as the boston red sox renewed their age old rivalry with the stanks bets put for performance for the ages in a fourteen one red sox route he punctuated a four or five night with a grand slam in the nine run sixthinning that's became only the second player ever with at least four hits five runs and four rbi in a game against the stanks joining ken griffey junior dan on may twenty fourth nineteen ninetysix these sports memorabilia world is buzzing over angels pitcher and slugger shohei ohtani on monday night his autograph tops rookie card sold for six thousand seven hundred twenty five dollars a year after judge was compared.

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