Hawaii's best fighter: BJ Penn vs. Max Holloway

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If max holloway defeats herbie number made off at uc to twenty three so they both make wait it is for the undisputed title connor get stripped and max wears gold now he has the tool belt the two the two belts simultaneously will he clip speed japan in the title of greatest hawaiian combat sports athlete ever or fighter ever we'll work up the dance that's the one that's going to probably matter the goes it's so tough because when you compare them i look at what's what to be depends signature moment i think and it's defeating matt hughes rides go down as one of the greatest champs of all time and he had his number and then you you kind of do max holloway side of it and taken down josie hall does pretty big too but a lot of people said joe's as kind of not the same since connor hollywood have to belts it's really really tough man i'm going to say no only because all of max hallway successes come in the ufc and bj penn is been able to sprinkle in different organizations different scenarios weight classes but i'm going to say it's right there and maybe even one more title defense would be what puts max over now i got j i will say that he did fight in other way classes a lot of people point to leo's wasn't that a draw was decision loss decision fight close it was a loss sorry i thought it was a draw so he did go up but he lost henze gracie was one where he said he was fighting middleweights but henza was really probably a while to wait you know he was just fighting a highway class and but still take nothing away from the fact that he went up during up said he it'll happen so fast that it almost felt like huge just underestimated him course bj proved that wasn't the case by winning trilogy although mad hughes took it to be j one time pretty hard in anaheim and that third fight was a little bit later in their careers.

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