China imposing new tariffs on U.S. products in retaliation of Trump tariffs


Is wnyc good morning i'm richard hake it's six eighteen f trains are delayed right now to the police activity at church avenue we do have a winter weather advisory in effect snowing right now we should see some snow mainly before ten o'clock this morning total accumulation a three to five inches for the new york city area a little more to the north and west partly cloudy tonight lows around thirty eight degrees and rain is likely tomorrow support for wnyc comes from ifc films presenting the death of stalin a new political satire from the creator of veep and in the loop starring steve bush amee and monty python's michael palin now playing wnyc local public affairs reporting is supported in part by the new york community trust helping charitable new york make a lasting difference from npr news in washington i'm david mattingly china is imposing new tariffs on a number of american products today it's in response to president trump's decision to add tariffs on us imports of steel and aluminum here's npr's rob schmitz according to china's finance ministry the terrible target one hundred and twenty eight kinds of us products the biggest tariffs will impact pork products and aluminum scrap at rates of twenty five percents china's also imposing new fifteen percent tariff on one hundred and twenty other imported us commodities from all men's to apples berries and wine the new tariffs totalling three billion dollars will mostly impact products from regions of the us that voted for trump and the two thousand sixteen election public schoolteachers in oklahoma are walking off the job today they're headed to the state capitol to demand lawmakers restore education funding and improve teacher pay last week the legislature okay'd attack psych to help raise.

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