Russia responds quid pro quo to diplomats' expulsions


The united states is indicated is ready to take further action against russia in response to the expulsion of sixty american diplomats yesterday moscow announced the move in retaliation for washington kicking out an identical number of russian officials earlier this week as part of a coordinated international response to the nerve agent attack in salisbury sarah raynsford reports from moscow the us has until the weekends to close and fake eight its consulate in saint petersburg and sixty us diplomats mainly in moscow have a week to pack their bags and leave it is the first stage in russia's response to a coordinated wave of of its diplomats from europe and the us that my show of solidarity with britain over the nerve agents attack in salisbury appears to have taken moscow by surprise officials here kobe expulsions outrageous and accused the anglo saxons as they now say of misleading and pressuring their allies in a campaign of slander against russia moscow has now confirmed that it will match the number of diplomats for expulsion one for one is also promised to go further there what that means isn't yet clear thirty nine labour mp's and peers have signed a letter urging jeremy corbyn to suspend a senior official over her handling of a complaint about antisemitism christine shaw croft who stood down as head of the party's disputes panel of two calling for the reinstatement of a council candidate accused of denying the holocaust the letter expresses deep concern that she remains a member of labour's national executive committee as a political correspondent jonathan blake reports the group of thirty nine including three shadow oh ministers led by the mp schiff mcdonagh she told bbc news some within the labour party felt very strongly that christine shawcross should be suspended the letter says that it is utterly wrong and highly offensive to the jewish community that someone who defends a labor candidate who has been suspended for holocaust denial should be a member of the parties governing body the letter urges jeremy corbyn to suspend michelle croft which the group says would be an initial step towards honoring his commitment to tackle antisemitism mr goldman has repeatedly condemned antisemitism and the bbc understands he intends to announce a speeding up of the party's disciplinary procedures some of his supporters say the issue is being used to destabilize him mr cubans office of response to the letter a report by mp's is accused some academy school trusted ingram of using taxpayers money to pay excessive salaries to senior staff.

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