The Flu Is Definitely Back - Gizmodo


That week. But it's essentially you have flu COVID and RSV season, all hitting at once. Now flu and RSV season, that's not new. But they hit together every year. For as long as I have been alive, we know flu has been around for about a century. And we always have reports of that pediatric hospitalizations are on the rise because of flu because of RSV and the flu severity wanes each year depending on which strain is. And this year we also have to add COVID to that mix. Well, the good news is COVID cases hospitalizations and deaths are a fraction right now this year as they were last year last year, we had a lot of hospitalizations from COVID. This year, we're not seeing nearly as many hospitalizations from COVID. But we are seeing a lot of kiddos with flu in our C and why is that? I mean, people are starting to say, oh, that means

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