Kevin 'Votestradamus' McCullough Breaks Down Various Races


Kevin, you were just making a point. Please continue. I want to break this down because in Virginia, New Jersey, you had two different approaches in which both states really had a Republican push. Jack chiarelli and Glen youngkin both outperformed what the polls were saying going into election day. The difference was in loudoun county in Virginia, the Democrats tried to stop the counting. They didn't really have a reason for it. They just said there were abnormal abnormalities. They needed to stop and check on whatever. They were going to start the next morning. His lawyers immediately said, nope, we're going to keep going. You're going to do this now. They took it to a judge, judge said, yep, you got to keep going. They kept going. Glenn youngkin was governor of Virginia the next morning. In New Jersey, Bergen county pulled the same thing that loudoun county did, only they were allowed to stop. And most people in Bergen county went to bed on election night thinking that Jack chiarelli had been elected governor. It was a big upset. I was one of them. I reported from the chiarelli campaign that night for different media groups. He had a significant lead in the state. The next morning, when Bergen county suddenly had the votes counted, there had been more than a 100,000 something to zero swing in just the one county. So here's my first caution from my calling yesterday. Anywhere you see this stuff trying to happen. If the RNC has not lawyered up and ready to take people to court, the minute that it gets tried, you're going to be in trouble in those races. But my hunch is that there's a lot more people watching out this year to make sure that we don't have those types of things happening, particularly in the Senate races in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada, which if we win those four, we win the Senate. Last thing I'll say on this, it is very, very important that no matter what race you think you're voting for, that you make sure that you take three to four people with you tomorrow

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