Ali Velshi Understands Katie Hobbs Not Wanting to Debate Lies


It's interesting. You tweeted, Katie Hobbs, the midterms are a choice between sanity or chaos. I wonder where you come down on her not debating thing. I was talking about politics girl. I'm sure you've seen her on Twitter's terrific. But she said, you know, her first instinct is, oh, she should, why wouldn't she? But her conclusion at the end is she understands why she's not and supports that because I understand it. I'll say, let's look at the examples, right? Of debates that work in debates that don't work. Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock, in my opinion, worked. Because Rafa were not didn't have to do anything. Herschel even just stand on stage with Herschel Walker and that's all you have to do. So that worked. In my opinion. I think that there's a guy running against Marjorie Taylor green, who, you know, normally there isn't even a candidate running against her. And he debated her. And I thought, it's not going to win him any votes in that district, but I thought it worked because he came across as, hey, I'm a thoughtful, interesting person. Yeah. Carrie Lake is on another planet. Yeah. Right? She's not very good at television. Her rally seemed like rock concerts. I don't know. On one hand, you know, Katie Hobbs is a measured exactly the person you want is the Secretary of State. She's a measured person. She's terrified. And talk about it. Talk about courage. I mean, the amount of death threat she and her families and her endurance. She has been in a place where they have a lot of extra guns. So politics zero point was basically, it's like wrestling with a pig. You know, you both get dirty, but the people likes it. Oh, I get it? But I also feel like these Arizona politicians are running away with stuff because it's so easy to gaslight people now. Yeah. And so I don't know. And I don't want to, I don't want to, I don't want to second guess anybody's decision because I think it's offensive to debate. I think it's great to debate almost everything, except lies,

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