Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes Gives Us a Google Update


Guys, delighted to welcome back to the podcast, our friend Devin Nunez, who served well almost 20 years in Congress at California's 21st and then 22nd congressional district. He is now the chief executive officer of Trump media and technology group running the Trump platform known as true social Devon welcome to the podcast great to have you as always I know that true social had been in a kind of ongoing tussle maybe is the right word with Google about making the platform widely available through Google, talk a little bit about where that is because I saw some news reports Google has banned true social and that's not true, is it? Well, finally, dinesh this is day ten of being fully open for every phone in America and the United Kingdom. So it was a long haul, but finally we were approved or in the Google Play Store. So most people either have an iPhone or they have an Android, and they happen to use the Google Play Store. So look, we're happy that Google finally approved us. And now it's just important for everyone that knows that it's been trying to get on true social if you have an Android, we're now open.

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