Doug Reflects on the Art of Songwriting


Talk for a few minutes about some of the and I think this will be a fun thing here. Some of the country music and really I mean, we're not talking specifically country. And because the country is going to be a predominance, of course, for the day. But I got to know, you know, the pop writers. I got to know the, you know, the ones who are in urban music, rap, classical. It all affected them because it was this new way. And it's not a bad thing. You said something earlier. One of my goals was is that we were all thinking that the pie was only 8 inches wide. And the reality was, I believe that the pie is still to this day believe that the park could be 30 inches wide. And it expanded the pond. Nobody was leaving behind. You were getting more out of it. You know, so it was really amazing to be Paul Williams, aloe black. You know, these are, you know, outside of that you'd mentioned Barbra Streisand, one of her most favorite famous songs, Paul Williams wrote. That's right. Evergreen. That's right. Which if you ever hear him talking about, you know, of course he likes to talk about the rainbow connection with Kermit. But he makes it, but these are things that touch our lives. But the twist of the song and the turn of a verse. You know, the Tim McGraw song, Rodney and a truck that the bank lets me borrow from month to month. I mean, think about that. How many times do you think about your truck payment being the bank lets me borrow from month to month? That's real. Or one of my dear Friends, yours as well. It used to be president of the national songwriter association, Lee Thomas. Miller. Who riding with Chris Stapleton. You know, I've got a problem. In his song, but it ain't about what you think. You know, I drank because I'm lonely, and I'm lonely because I drink.

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