A Friendly Reminder: If You Feel Sick, Test for Covid


Oh, hi, rudeness, hi. Good morning. I want to add something to your warning there. Which is that even if you're fully vaccinated, that if you are feeling sick, test yourself. Get tested because you want to catch it early. And that's what happened, you know, my stepdad's in the hospital and that was one of the things is he waited to test until it was advanced and you can't get on the pax lova and all of that. So that's why I didn't have symptoms, but I tested yesterday because I was like, yeah. Don't you think that's part of it, rude, and I know you're in Louisiana now and so we're sending our love and light because we've all been through it and it's just I know you've had it like Chris and I have had it. Wait, oh yes, you've had a two I forgot. You finally. I got it in August. Yeah. But yeah, it is terrifying. We have a mom that's almost a hundred with Alzheimer's. It's just the sense in society that we're supposed to take care of other people or at least not be a to other people, right? Just depress me in the airport and on the plane and even in the nursing home. Like, nobody's wearing a mask anymore. I've gone back, you know, on the flights I wore a mask, you know? Obviously in the hospital, I. Just, it doesn't make any sense at this point not to, especially, like you said, as we're going into winter. And you know what? I also don't want to get the RSV bug the time. Right there. Yeah. So yeah, Doctor Fauci was talking about that. RSV flew, here we go. Hang on. We have vaccinations for clearly COVID, particularly with the updated boosters that are now available. We have vaccinations for influenza. We're already starting to see an early surge of both flu and RSV. We don't have a vaccine for RSV. This particularly problematic for children 5 years of age and younger and for the elderly. But there are things you can do with RSV is avoid congregate settings in particularly if you have a cold or a sneezing and stay home, wear a mask, wash your hands. And as Ruth said, get tested if you're feeling anything, right? But anyway, have some tests on hand, you know? Yeah. And by the way, some places, some pharmacies and I hate to be like, you know, you know, mister information this morning instead of making sodomy jokes. Oh, we'll get to those. We're going to want in with those. I saw what you did there. That's a mouthful. Anyway, there's, but you know, you can also some pharmacies if your insurance will allow it. They'll give you the test for free. And they will take care of it. Like a prescription or something like that instead of going through the whole, you know. Thank you. Thank you, mister. They will.

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