Trump Team Should Have Vetted Nick Fuentes


To talk about this situation at Mar-a-Lago for a moment. Now, over the long holiday weekend, president Trump hosted Kanye West who now goes by the name Ye. And hosted him for a dinner, Kanye West was wanting Trump to either back out of the presidential race because Kanye says he's going to run for the presidency. And there was there was some sort of a big to do about that. Anyway, that doesn't really matter. So at this dinner, president Trump says it was just supposed to be Kanye West. But Kanye West shows up with Nick Fuentes, who is a known white nationalist and also an anti semite. And they all broke bread together. Now all you know what is breaking loose over this? And a lot of people very upset, including a lot of conservatives. As a matter of fact, congressman James comer, who's going to be heading up the Biden administration, says the president needs to be a bit more mindful of who he's having dinner with. Now, president Trump says, hey, look. I didn't know who the guy was. I was supposed to have dinner with Kanye West, and he shows up with all these other people, what was I supposed to do? Well, let me offer some guidance here if I can. And far be it for me to tell the president of the United States who we should and should not have it Mar-a-Lago for dinner. But it seems to me somebody had to have known who Nick Fuentes was. President says he has no idea who the guy was. Well, somebody did. You can't just waltz in tomorrow long ago. Anybody who shows up at Mar-a-Lago, guess what? You've got to turn over your social security number. They've got to run a background check, Secret Service is to the brim over there. As a matter of fact, president Trump is the only president. Who still has a full compliment of Secret Service agents.

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