Mike Lindell Was on the Job Checking Voting Patterns


We talk about? I mean, I want to talk obviously about the election, but you've got all kinds of insight and information that we don't have. So share it with us as you were able. Well, I'm going to give you an overall hope right out of the gate. How sad Eric okay? When I went to bed at 2 o'clock on election night, remember if praying speech, we are running the real-time crime desk and the last thing I seen was a $200,000 vote injection in Michigan into meant to pronounce sardine and Nestlé. Dana Nestlé saw they just crush Matt, right? Just right there in that moment. And Carrie Lake was down by a quarter million votes and you had like all these Blake mass masters down Mark fincham down. All these people, it looked like they were going to just steal the whole country, okay? And we watched in real time fetterman and Oz and they kept injecting 90,000 votes. This is coming, Eric. This comes right out of the Edison report, which is people don't realize what we knew this time. It codes out to all the things. We use the CNN feed. Every vote in the country goes through Edison research in New Jersey. So I want people to understand this that goes through there. So our cyber guys are reading this in real time and drawing these graphs and they showing impossibilities that can only be done by computers, right? So we're watching this happen and I go, wow, this is, you know, I'm praying I'm going, God, don't let him steal everything. You know, we have to, we really needed to have the House and the Senate to slowly destruction of our country, why we get rid of these machines. Well, I wake up in the morning, by the way, I'm gonna backtrack. The morning of the election, what miracle that happened, I get up and you hear from all over the country, 30 some states had machine problems. What? You know, it was beautiful. You know, you heard it coming out of Arizona. You heard it on Fox News, you heard it on CNN. You heard it around the world. So

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