Trump Keeps Confessing to Crimes With Glenn Kirschner


This is how we know God loves us and wants us to be happy is because Trump has committed more crimes since we booked you yesterday. So what is it? Yeah. Yeah, good morning, Steph, and how about we see some indictments for some of these guys? Yeah. Yeah. I think Joyce fans said the best part of social media is the confessions. With Trump always I mean, and again, I know he's a notorious liar, but I mean, what do you make? I don't know if it's part of him trying to burn Ron desantis and the Republican Party to the ground or, you know, but obviously that needs to be investigated, right? It does. And it needs to be invested in the Department of Justice actually has no choice because once they have been attacked and it's been alleged that DoJ was part of Trump's efforts to unlawfully interfere in the Florida election. Let me tell you, DoJ has absolutely no discretion. They have to look into it if only to debunk it. Right. So another good development, something else that needs to be investigated.

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