Chinese Government Shows the Same Evil as Soviet Union, Nazi Germany


Also encouraged that the nightmare of what's happening in China is causing the Chinese people to stand up. But I want to say that if you want to know, I think I put out a tweet this morning that a lot of times people say, well, I wonder what I would have done if I was alive during the rise of Hitler and the Nazis. Well, you can find out literally now right now because what you have happening in China, it is no different than the worst evils perpetrated by in the Soviet Union. Under the darkest days of communism and Stalin, it's no different than the worst evils perpetrated by the Nazis under Hitler. It is absolutely evil and how people react tells you everything about who they are. And so when you have companies like Apple, apple is basically a Chinese company. It would be like in the middle of the Cold War, somebody making money off of the Soviets and basically siding with them never criticizing them and criticizing the United States. Apple, the NBA, a lot of corporations, the Biden administration, the left leaning sort of Marxist leaning apologists for Chinese style authoritarianism have been muted in their criticism. This is astonishing. Imagine if Ronald Reagan were president, or if Donald Trump were president, what would he be saying about what is going on in China right now? And I think we really need to look ourselves in the mirror and understand that if you want to know what you would have done back then, look at what you're doing right now,

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