Hakeem Jeffries unanimously elected leader of House Democrats, calls for bipartisanship


House Democrats will have a new leader in the new session of Congress next month, and he's vowing to find common ground with Republican leaders. New York congressman Hakeem Jeffries becomes the first black American to lead a major political party at the capitol. The 52 year old is vowing to get things done for the American people. Fight for better paying jobs, fight for safer communities, defend democracy, fight for reproductive freedom. On ABC's this week with George Stephanopoulos, Jeffreys vows to work with Republicans wherever they can. They're going to double and triple down on the extremism that we've seen from people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, that would be unfortunate. Republican congressman David Joyce of Ohio is also rejecting extremism on the hill. He says the party needs to serve the public that put them into office. You see all this kabuki theater taking place at D.C.. But what is that doing to lower the price of gas? What is that doing to lower the groceries? Jackie Quinn Washington

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