How Emilio Esteves Helped Jon Bon Jovi Get His Oscar Nomination


Also, close personal friend of Bon Jovi, you were in his music videos, he was in young guns, et cetera that's right. How did that happen? So I was a fan of that song that he wrote called wanted dead or alive, and we listened to it during the first young guns. And Ali sheet is like patient zero. She was friendly with. And me too, from USC theater. She's the she was friends with John and Richie sambora, and she introduced John and I and John says, hey man, you know, I love young guns one. Can I be involved with youngsters? I said, you know, once you come out to New Mexico and we'll throw in cameo, he shows up in the middle of shooting and he says, hey, I wrote a song. I'd love to play it for you. And I said, oh my God, whatever. Sure. Yeah. How good could it be? Can I play it for you now? And he had it written on a piece of lined. Paper and he's sat down and played in the car and it was blazing glory. Wow. And I had the day off. And I said, get in the car. We drove to set. I said, there's the director and producers go in there and play it for them. And he did. And he was nominated for an Oscar. I think he won the Golden Globe for the song. And an entire album was born out of that experience. So yeah, he and I have been friends for a while, and it was I think that was his first solo album, was it?

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