How Emilio Estevez Got One up on Alec Baldwin


So Demi Moore though, you were you did wisdom with the Demi Moore. We were engaged. Yeah, that's what I thought. Yeah. No? No, I'm just kidding. No, but I'll tell you. But there's an Alec Baldwin component to this. This is in your new movie? And Alec doesn't even know this. Alex and his latest film does not know this story. Uh oh. Oh. Juicy castle. Do not use this clip. Alec Baldwin does not know the truth of how he came to be known by me. And that is, there was a bunch of us. There was a group of us. It was, you know, Tom Cruise and Sean Penn and so we were all up for the same roles and we, you know, we'd fight it out in some way would get the offer and someone would be in waiting. If that person passed, then you'd step in and we were all sort of kind of interchangeable for a moment. Along comes Alec Baldwin. Right. He's 6 foot something. He's not fucking ridiculously handsome. He's a wonderful actor. And the whole town is abuzz. All your hearing is Alec Baldwin Alec Baldwin. You and Tom Cruise are out slamming tequila. He's a dick. He's too tall. Right. So, Demi and I are engaged. She has a, she's living in a little bungalow that she owns in West Hollywood, and she has to go to the dentist and leaves me a home alone at her house. I sort of for, you know, for the afternoon. Right. Do you remember the days when we used to have the little phone answering machines and had the volume up? Oh, so you could hear it. Of screen calls. Hi. It's Alec Baldwin. Oh, I love this story. Go ahead. The phone rings. The volume's on. Hello to me. It's Alec Baldwin. And he's going on. And I don't know what. I don't know what the relationship is after that point. But I'm her fiance. Did you pick it up? It's Emilio. No. No, no, no. No? No, no. No. I walked over to the machine and I said, interesting. Alec Baldwin just called interesting. Huh. Erase. I hit the erase. And I felt like I had just given him some right hook, a cold cocktail. I knocked out a moment flat he's out overly tall. Done. To this day, I don't know if she ever heard the message or he ever called back.

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