WHO recommends new name for monkeypox disease - World Health Organization


Friendship heights. It's 9 40 and the World Health Organization has renamed monkeypox as emp. Citing concerns that the original name could be construed as discriminatory and racist. The UN health agency says both names would be used for the next year while the old name is phased out. The WHO said it was concerned by the racist and stigmatizing language that arose after monkeypox spread to more than 100 countries, it's had numerous countries asked the organization to find a way to change the name. Scientists think that outbreaks came to Western countries after spreading it two raves in Belgium and Spain. If you live in Alexandria, the amount you pay for taxes could be going up. City manager Jim Perez John is quoted as telling a recent Delray business association meeting that this year's budget is going to be tight with slow growth, especially in the real estate sector. Alexandria now reports para John has been asked to draw up two budget alternatives, one with a tax increase and one without to cover an expected $17 million budget shortfall. He has until February to work up the options to present to the city council, a budget would be approved in May to take effect on July 1st. Sandy cosell, WTO news. A woman is suing Kraft Heinz because of a comfort food favorite

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