The Government's Colluded Efforts to Install Regimes of Censorship


Remember when the Biden administration talked about creating a an office to police disinformation there was an uproar, they shot that down. But the project not under that name has proceeded with full steam. And more and more information is coming out to show the extent of collusion between the Biden regime and these supposedly independent and private platforms. Notably, YouTube and Facebook, but also including Twitter prior to the Elon Musk acquisition. Now, there was a very important article in the intercept. The intercept is a kind of left leaning magazine. It was one of the founders was Glenn greenwald, who then left the intercept in part because the intercept was blocking discussion of legitimate issues. But nevertheless, every now and on the intercept surprises you and here they surprise you, they surprise us with a bombshell article, bombshell because of the level of detail that it shows about the collaboration between Biden between the Biden administration and these platforms. I'm just going to touch on a few highlights of it here and then I might go into it subsequently in a more elaborate way. First of all, Facebook and Twitter created a special portal for the government to request takedowns. Now, let's think about this. This is not a case where the government is just sending them an email saying, hey guys, this guy's putting on misinformation ban Alex berenson or banned this guy or let's get rid of Alex Jones. Twitter and Facebook say, all right, we're going to make we're going to make this system easy for you. Here's a special portal. You just get into the portal. You list all the guys you want to be restricted or kicked or kicked off or banned. We'll take a look at it. So from the portal itself, you can't tell who's making the final decision. The Biden people saying do it and Facebook and Twitter just doing it or the Biden people making a recommendation and then Facebook and Twitter comply with it if they want to. But either way, the collusion is fully documented here.

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