Mariah Carey Sends Her Vindictive Mother Far Away


But now comes where the Mariah finally sold her mother's longtime house, but upstate New York, 750 grand, some nice amount of change for all mom and she put her mom. She put the old battle action and assisted living facility and some of you are going around just buy her a smaller house or a nice condo and live near it. No, no, no. You don't even know why. Let me tell you something. Mariah and bought this house for her mother in north Salem. I think in 1994, for like $400,000. So it made a decent profit. Four bedroom three brands from blah blah blah. Actually, it's sold earlier this month for 757 $157,000 more than $250,000 in the initial asking price. So, when word got out, people wanted this house. But in the past year, Mariah has moved, her mother relocated her mother to West Palm Beach to live in an upscale senior living home, and at the whole time the house sat idle for a year before listed for sale in June. So she's moving to a nice 5 star assisted living residents, nurses are gonna wait on her hand and foot, but it's still a million miles from everyone, and there's a reason why. Carry Mariah Carey is always called her relationship with her mother a very complicated relationship. And when I say complicated, I mean hateful,

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