Vote for New UK Prime Minister Goes to 4th Round


Michael gove, who's the smartest member of the British Parliament, is out there pitching her. And he went on one of the Brit stations yesterday on LBC with Andrew marr and made this pitch about kimmi bad not cut number one. Michael goat. To be fair, she has Mormons through the experience and Tony Blair or David Cameron has when they became prime minister. And she's been in a runner party of course. Jeez. Oh, absolutely. And also, she's the same age as Rishi and she's been in government in three very different roles. All of which she's accomplished successfully. I know all of the candidates. I've either worked with them because they've been junior ministers and departments that I've been running all these supported me in previous leadership elections. Our new hesitation saying that of all of the people who worked with me in a department that I ran, cami was undoubtedly the outstanding minister. She has an intellectual grasp second to none. She has a capacity to communicate with confidence, but also with empathy. And also, she's brave. It's a rare junior minister who tells their Secretary of State where to get off because their secretary state is getting something wrong. Can we do that to me repeatedly? There were a number of occasions where I told her that I disagreed. She took it in very good part. But it's that confidence based on an understanding from first principles of what you want to achieve that you need in a

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