Trish Regan Joins Dinesh to Talk About the Federal Reserve


Guys, I'm really happy to welcome back to the podcast Trish Regan. She's an award winning multi Emmy nominated financial journalist and author. She hosted Trish Regan prime time on Fox business for 5 years, 2015, 2020, and she's the founder of Trish Regan Intel, a multimedia news publishing company and host of the Trish Regan show. Chris always a pleasure, great to have you on the podcast. All right, economy. Good to see you. Our economy appears to be getting a little bit off the rails here. And I know the fed has a meeting coming up today with an update. Where do you think that's going? What's the fed trying to do? The fed wants to communicate that they're all over this. They're promising that they're going to rein in inflation, here's the thing, dinesh. The fed has a very, very bad track record of not doing enough, and then doing too much. So let's go back to, you know, I actually would compliment them back in March 2020. They did what they needed to do. They made sure, given that our economy shut down overnight, that we had enough liquidity in the system. So they took the right policy steps, and I would argue that the Trump administration also was see steps the problem is everybody kept this whole money printing extravaganza going and going and going. And when you keep it going, you're going to dilute the value of those dollars, you're going to cause and I'm Joe Biden came into office while he did what a third round of COVID stimulus checks at a time when we really didn't

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