Who's Winning in the GOP? Devin Nunes Weighs In


What is the correlation of forces? What is the balance of power between the old establishment, the old Republican rhino establishment that looked at president Trump as an anomaly, something that they can get beyond and get back to work, you know, with doing FTSE under the table with the Democrats. What is the relationship between the old establishment that doesn't care for maga? And the new maga America first center of gravity. Who's winning? Is it too early to say and what needs to happen next? Well, I think we're now ultra Mecca, right? Yes. Ultra magnet now. You're like the leader of ultra magnetic. We have it's the most popular item on our website, guys. As soon as they came up after 6 months of focus groups and million spent allegedly the old man in The White House came up with it, we said, okay, that's great. The ultra maga T-shirt with president Trump. So we understand that this is going to backfire just as badly as deplorables did. That wasn't an insult. That was wholeheartedly embraced by the movement. So yes, they don't get it. They don't understand the narrative of why we believe in America. But when it comes to our side of the aisle, what's the power play? Who's winning? Well, look, I don't think there's really nobody wins when we fight amongst ourselves. And if you look at it really, there's very few people that are out there that are against the so called maga maga movement or ultra maga. Or basically just kind of getting back to kind of normal conservative values. And I think you've seen a lot of those folks that were that way. They're retired or they're going to they're not going to win. They're going to lose. They're

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