Ignore the Howlers Wanting a 'Quick & Easy' Gun Bill


Folks we can't continue to do this I mean we can't continue to go down this road We have to do my best advice for you right now If my advice means anything Anything to you I hope it does You spend a lot of time here I spend a lot of time with you Ignore the howlers right now screaming about some quick and easy answer or some Bill There is no bill to fix this folks We are a collective complicated group of 330 million people and billions around the world Nothing that we have done to ourselves over the last 30 years is going to be fixed by a bill you can not legislate morality You can not legislate a fixing of the culture crisis in the United States Ladies and gentlemen I swear to you on my life I would solve my right arm and send it to you to show you my sincerity If I thought for a moment anything they were doing on guns or knives or blow torches or firearms or anything else Would stop one of these things from ever happening again I'd be the first one on the radio and say let's hear them out If I thought any one of these things would do that Ignore this stuff They are not interested in fixing what has happened to this country This isn't the only place in the world this happens Don't believe the talking point It's happened in Norway Egypt Mexico all over the world But that doesn't mean either that we should ignore it and pretend it doesn't happen all too much here because it does And we can't say on one hand we first America first and then ignore that yeah this does happen an awful lot here We're not the only place Don't believe that nonsense

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