Andy Ogles: Earning the Edorsement of Trace Adkins


You've been endorsed by the freedom caucus. I know that Jim Jordan, Scott Perry, who's the chairman of the freedom caucus, Mark Meadows, who helped found it, who was Donald Trump's chief of staff. They've all weighed in already. They're all already helping. You've also been endorsed, I think in one of the, one of the cooler endorsement trace Atkins who doesn't get involved politically a lot, but he stepped up. How did you get trace involved? Well, you know, and we also can't leave out senator Ted Cruz. I mean, here at the end, when we felt that the race might be tightening a little bit, he without hesitation jumped in. He said, look, I need a fighter. We need more fighters like you up here in Congress and it would be an honor to endorse you. And so, but trace Atkins really goes back to COVID. You know, I refuse to comply with the mandates. I refuse to shut my community down. You know, the way I looked at it is if you're a single mom with two kids, your job was essential. If you're a small business owner, you're leasing your savings, your lives on the line, your business is essential and how dare the government. How dare the government tell you that you need to shut down. And so I refuse to comply with any of that nonsense. And because of that, trace had reached out just as a thank you gesture to say, hey, you want to go have dinner. And we started connecting and we had a concert. That first year of COVID, on the square, had over 35,000 people there. Because for me, it was about finding a solution. Look, COVID is real. I had a good friend that died from it, but I was unwilling to just cower and hide under my desk. We had to find a way through it. And that was by trusting people to make good decisions for themselves and not relying on the government to run our lives. Well,

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