Biden names FEMA, CDC officials to head monkeypox response


I Mike Gracia reporting President Biden will appoint fema and CDC officials to head a monkeypox response Under criticism for a slow vaccine rollout president Joe Biden is set to appoint a White House monkeypox response team The White House says Biden will name Robert Fenton of the federal emergency management agency as White House monkeypox response coordinator Doctor Dmitri zhaoxin of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be Fenton's deputy Fenton helped lead fema's max vaccination effort for COVID-19 when Biden first took office The scallop is a national expert on issues affecting the LGBTQ community The monkey pox virus spreads through prolonged and close skin to skin contact as well as sharing bedding towels and clothing The U.S. saw its first case of confirmed monkeypox on May 18th There are now over 3000 confirmed infections Mike Gracia Washington

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