Harnessing the Return of 2016 MAGA Energy


Want to start with where we're at. Carrie Lake has won the Arizona primary for governor. Maga candidates across the country are winning their primaries. This Republican Party is a grassroots party, ready to fight, ready to govern, ready to improve people's lives, ready to put their citizens first, but the pressure is now going to be on. And as we warned early in the week, the midterm elections are all but a certain thing. Democrats are adjusting. Democrats are going to outspend us, they control the media. They control social media, they control our election system, and they are going to be willing to cut corners at every single turn to try to get their preferred candidates across the finish line. The generic ballot is tightening, the generic congressional vote, according to Rasmussen reports, Republicans only lead by three points. Whereas a couple months ago, Republicans led by 15 points. We're seeing one race in particular that we endorsed in Washington, Joe Kent is only down by 1.8 points with lots of ballots still to be counted. Again, Kerry Lake Blake masters, all one in Arizona. However, as we look towards the midterms, Republicans only have a .1 lead if you average all of the generic ballot polls, a .1 point lead barely taking back the House of Representatives. Barely. And the U.S. Senate is a complete coin toss. It shouldn't be that way with inflation open borders, CRT woke as an anti americanism, war on American energy, it should be a complete blowout. Now some of these polls might be suppression polls and misrepresentations. You can usually add 5 or 6 to all these polls that's usually a good rule of thumb. But make no mistake. Democrats, they know they're going to lose, but their strategy right now is a very smart one. That's right. I'm saying the Democrats are using a smart strategy. They're basically saying we want to lose less. They know that midterms can be very hard. Joe Biden is deeply unpopular and Republicans will be outspent. At every corner. Now

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