Texas Shooter Murders 18 Children, 3 Adults


Everybody. I'm Dennis prager on the sad day in the United States. There's no, there's no way around that. It's hard to imagine that there was anybody not affected society as always felt that it protects its kids. If the primary task of adults is to protect children. And. Another child just walked in and murdered. What is the number up to 19 now? Well, there's 21. 21 now? 18 children three adults. The ripple effect of all of this are so extensive. The children who survived will not be the same. Adults are not the same when they see people murdered and when they were the targets, but they somehow avoided being killed. If this is a great example of where a religious family has much, much greater shock absorbers than a secular family. As a general rule, everything has. Every rule has exceptions. Including that rule, presumably.

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