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AP sports I'm David Schuster lots of baseball Tuesday and we begin in New York with the subway series between the Yankees and the mets Tom Marion fills us in The mets won the first game of a rare subway series with both New York teams in first place 6 to three over the Yankees The angst jumped out to an early two zero lead as Aaron judge and Anthony Rizzo hit homers on consecutive pitches off Taiwan walker in the top of the first It was judges 38th Homer this season but the Met struck back for four runs in the bottom of the ending on Homer's by starling Marte and Eduardo Escobar Pete Alonso had a key double in the rally This is just such a great team win and we had so many different guys contributing So this is a really good really good really good wind for us really good team win Alonso had three hits and a walk in the game as the mets maintained their two game lead in the NL east Meanwhile in Philadelphia Atlanta doubled up the Philly 6 to three with Spencer strider getting the victory for the braves Every lineup in the big leagues is challenging And the game is in my hands is the picture And so I don't really think too much about the strengths or weaknesses of the lineup that I'm facing It's more just sticking to my plan and trying to execute what I'm good at In Chicago the cubs won their 6th straight game but they're likely going to be big sellers at next week's trading deadline and that very well could include all star catcher Wilson Contreras Knowing everything that's happening around and I knew he would get to me at some point and which this day never came but it's about business I understand that I respect that And I love my team I love this My team is most other highlights Tuesday Shohei Ohtani hitting his 21st home run in an angels win at Kansas City and Milwaukee outlasted Minnesota in extra innings Pro football news wide receiver Julio Jones will soon sign a one year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Cincinnati quarterback Joe burrow will soon undergo an appendectomy I'm David Shuster AP sports

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