What Lead to the Stolen Election of 2020?


I'm going to listen now just some of the usurpations that have occurred in our time. The stealing of the election from Donald J Trump. I read, I don't know how many months ago it had to be right after the election. Over 20 anomalies on Dennis's show I read this that had to occur for president Trump to lose. And I remember 3 a.m. like a lot of people wrote to me on election morning, I went to sleep thinking this is pretty good. President Trump is going to win. This has to happen. I remember thinking to Wisconsin and this has to happen in Michigan. And this has to happen in Pennsylvania. He's got this down unless I think I thought of this unless they do something. Lastly, play around. I thought of that that very night. The excellent documentary 2000 mules confirms what I was confident had happened. And to cement their pyrrhic victory, what do they do? These thieves use January 6th to arrest and even put, can you believe in this country? Put people in solitary confinement. Those who asked for a redress of grievances,

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