Stink Reacts to ESPN's List of Top 10 NFL Running Backs


So stink yesterday, the top ten running backs in the NFL came out. Okay? Derek Henry number one. Yeah. Jonathan Taylor number two, Nick Chubb and Cleveland. Number three, Dalvin cook in Minnesota. Number four, Alvin Kamara. Number 5 in New Orleans. Joe Mixon and Cincinnati, number 6. Christian McCaffrey, Colorado is one of those favorite sons, Christian McCaffrey, number 7. Nausea Harris, number 8. Aaron Jones and Green Bay, number 9. And then you get to number ten on the list from the people in the sport, the top ten players at every position. Javonte Williams came in at number ten on this list, your reaction, your reaction is what? My reaction is it shows you the respect that people evaluators and people who play and coach and GM in this league, the respect they have for that guy as a player because that guy, unlike most of these guys, most of these guys are pretty much Bel cow guys. That dude was a true split. So you're talking about a guy that truly split the carries. And this league has gone that way to where there's different guys that have different skill sets and play in different packages and different situations. But the majority of these guys, if you're going to run it 25 times, they're getting 18 or 19 of those carries. And javonte was truly a 50 50 guy.

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