Lawful Ballots Delivered in an Unlawful Way? Highly Implausible


In his commentary on 2000 mules, Ben Shapiro made the following observation. He said, in other words, the process is corrupt. And people are violating the law in how they are moving these ballots. But that does not mean that the ballots are being cast by dead people or that they are being punched by somebody in the back room somewhere. So Ben here is raising a point that others have raised as well. In fact, I see it here on the an article in the European conservative. It is theoretically possible that each ballot was legitimate. And so the point being made by Ben and by the guy in the European conservative is it could be that these are lawful ballots, legal ballots that are merely being delivered in an illegal way. And I want to address this point here. Number one, how would nonprofit organizations deeply embedded in these inner cities get their hands on hundreds of thousands of legal ballots? How would that occur? Let's think about that. Is it the case that all these people spontaneously decide, well, you know, I have a ballot and I'm filling it out, but yeah, I'm kind of too lazy to go to the Dropbox. I'm actually gonna go to the left wing organization and give them my ballot so they can hire mules in the middle of the night to go deliver them. I mean, I think you can see that this is implausible. Now, is it possible that the left wing organizations decided, hey listen, what we should do is identify a Democrats, go door to door, let's say in a housing project and collect everybody's ballot. Ourselves. And then we will hire the mules to drop the ballots off. Well, first of all, if that was going on, why don't these nonprofits say that? Why don't they admit that this is actually what they're doing? Well, of course the reason I don't admit it is, it's

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