Sen. Ted Cruz: Beto O'Rourke's Stunt Was Embarassing & Disgusting


Here's what senator Cruz told Jesse watters last night on Fox News. Look, I was shocked. We were going through a briefing, listening to law enforcement about precisely what had happened about what the next steps were. And it was disgusting. He strode to the front of the room and tried to turn it into a political rally. And I guess his campaign is flailing. He's going to lose, but you know, just after you ended that clip, the mayor of uvalde. He turned to beto. He said you're a 6th son of a bitch. Yeah. Because to take something, you've got grieving families. You've got to community that it's broken to pieces and to try to politicize it and turn it into a rally, the way beto did, it was really, I've seen a lot of crass behavior. That was embarrassing and it was, it was

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