Michele Tafoya Expected No Middle Ground Following Uvalde Shooting


Give me your sort of your perspective as we try to navigate through these very, very difficult times. Sadly, I just knew it was coming in the wake of this horror, I have two kids. I remember they were very young when sandy hook occurred and I just changed my view of what needs to happen in terms of school safety. But I knew this would happen that people would jump in their corners and they'd firmly entrench themselves in their corners and there would be no middle ground. There would be no compromise. And I'm afraid that Congress is not going to do anything because this is an issue around which they can fundraise, which they can battle and point at the other guy and never try to really get something done. So I'm afraid it's going to come down to the locals, the school districts, the states, the cities, the communities, to take care of this issue in the ways that they see fit because Congress is just not going to do anything. I hate the way that one side says you're going to take our guns. Second and second, they're going to take our guns. They want your gun. And the other side simply says, we can't have guns.

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