Will 2024 Be a Walk in the Park for Donald Trump?


Left? Is it going to be a walk in the park for you in 2024? Because they seem to be doubling down and getting everything wrong in the last 16 months. Well, the very vicious and they fight very much harder than we had, we had Bill Barr. He didn't want to be impeached, so how do you not get impeached? Don't do anything. And you know, when somebody like that says that, oh, no, the election was just fine. And then you watched 2000 mules, or you watch many other things, too. Well, you just look at the proof. Look at Arizona. Look what happened with the audit. Look even the attorney general who is very weak, very weak in Arizona because he showed this massive fraud that was presented to him by the Senate and others. He showed this massive fraud and irregularities. And then he goes, we can't let it happen again. Well, what about taking care of the stuff that happened? Not just saying we can't let it happen again. So he's gone way down in the polls now because of that people are very unhappy about it. But if you look at Georgia, if you look at Pennsylvania where there are subpoenas all over the place, if you look at Wisconsin with the nursing homes where almost everybody voted, but historically very few people vote in nursing homes because they have other problems, frankly. But you look at what happened in Wisconsin with the nursing homes and other things. It's an take a look at Racine Wisconsin. The sheriff, there's a real patriot. Take a look at Racine Wisconsin, where the sheriff went out. He went to see if it was true. And he said, it's far worse than I ever anticipated. Not better, but far worse. No, we have corrupt elections that we have open borders. You know, nobody would have thought this. I always said, you need strong borders to have a country. Well, we have the worst part is we had the best borders in the history of our country two years ago. Now we have the worst borders in the history. And the other thing we have is corrupt elections.

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