Mike Is Ready With His MyPillow Products for Germany Trip


Anyway, I packed my my pillow products. I packed the pillow last night, my travel rolling go pillow. I packed my my pillow lounge wear. I packed my my slippers. The all season my slippers. I'm not packing the geese of dream sheets. That might be a little too much to carry on the plane. I still don't know if I got to wear a mask to Germany or not. It's mixed. Delta doesn't give me a straight answer. Delta seems to suggest we're not going to have to wear the stupid mask for 9 and a half hours in the flight into Munich, but they're also saying, yeah, but some companies that require masks might need you to wear the mask as you get to the airport. And I'm like, I think that means when we get off the plane. Anyway, my pillow dot com. Thank you for supporting a patriot like Mike lyndell. Thank you for backing my pillow at a time when literally Walmart canceled them. We're all about by cuts here on the Mike Gallagher show, not boycotts. And you know something Walmart last week, a week or two ago announced they've canceled my pillow. Yes, I know they've still got some items on their website. Don't support them. Go to my pillow dot com directly and use the promo code Mike G if you buy items on the Walmart site, you're not going to get the huge discount. You want $90 off the my slippers, you're going to get it when you go to my pillow dot com and enter the promo code Mike G you want the standard classic 69 98 pillow for just 1998, you'll get it when you go to my pillow dot com and enter the promo code Mike G don't let Walmart cancel my pillow. Support my pillow by the great products you're going to get the best night's sleep of your life, guaranteed.

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