Cosby lawyer urges jurors to consider only proof from trial


Cruising arguments have been made in the sexual abuse trial of Bill Cosby in California Here's what the jurors got to hear A prosecutor told jurors they should know in their hearts that Bill Cosby did sexually assault Judy huff at the Playboy mansion in 1975 when she was just 16 and that they should hold him accountable for that an attorney for the comedian told the panel to look past years of public accusations against the actor and comedian and consider only what was presented in this case Cosby's lawyers say this in the matter at hand hoth in her attorneys did not come close to proving what they call a 50 year old he said she said case Cosby did not testify in the civil lawsuit the jury did see a 2015 deposition that he gave in it he denies any sexual contact between him and huff she says however he forced her to do a sex act on him I'm Oscar wells

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