Rep. Loudermilk: We Didn't Talk About OPEC Until Biden Came In


And one of the things I appreciate you pointing out here is not just ending the Keystone pipeline pulling the plug on that, but you've got these Democrats that are going after offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. I mean, this is a very dangerous game to Democrats are playing. They are and they've actually included some provisions in the appropriations bills that will be brought up. This week. And so there's an old adage that when you're in a hole, quit digging, but they just keep digging. It's like, oh, we're going to fix this by reducing more American oil production. Toxins have been in Congress, we became energy independent, and it was actually during the Obama administration. Republicans in Congress ended a 40 year ban on exportation of U.S. oil. I was surprised to find out that we were the largest producer of oil in the world. We had the capacity to do that. Even greater than OPEC, so we passed a bill that forced Obama to sign it that ended the ban on exporting U.S. oil. Literally within weeks, we became the world's largest exporter of oil, which meant that OPEC no longer controlled the international price of oil. Everyone quit hearing about OPEC until Biden came into office and what does he do? He shuts down our domestic production. And now he's going over to OPEC countries to ask them to help us with their fuel prices. It makes no sense what these folks are doing. And then they just double down to try to make it worse.

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