These Are the Elections Kash Patel Is Keeping an Eye On


So cash, I want to ask you, there's a lot of elections happening right now. What races are you looking at? What candidates are you behind? Where do you think the America first agenda has the best chance of success in the kind of as we're ending the primary season right now? Well, let's start with the great state of Arizona. Of course I'm a huge champion and proponent of Kerry Lake, who I've endorsed. My first gubernatorial endorsement, I think she's America first candidate who understands border security and the need for national security priorities and putting American citizens first. Similarly, I endorse Blake masters. He's going to be the next senator of Arizona. We're going to flip that seat with the drive and leadership of Donald Trump to make him his candidacy front and center, just like he did out west in my home state of Nevada to Adam laxalt. We're going to do similar out west. We're going to take the west back and we're going to take America back while we do that because we have people who care about the border, people who care about economics and people who care about tramping down illegal narcotics that are killing our youth at record numbers due to Chinese fentanyl flowing in from Mexico. And I know Arizona was excited to have president Trump here. But he had to push it a week because of the loss of his passing of his ex-wife. So it's very sad. And he's doing okay. And the trooper that he is. He's just going to push it a few days and he'll be out west with us in a week or

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