Which Republican Will Hold Pennsylvania Senate Seat?


Look, it's going to be Doctor Oz, or David McCormick. And they're going up against John fetterman. And the conventional wisdom is that either one of these guys can take him. Am I reading that right? I think the conventional wisdom is correct given the political atmospherics and just how competitive it Pennsylvania is in the year 2022, let's say versus the year 2002. Right. So 20 years ago, Pennsylvania was always just competitive enough for Republicans to challenge for it. Let's say in presidential contests. And it did send Republicans to Congress as a part of their Senate delegation. But the state really has become super competitive and the atmosphere for Democrats is just as bad as an atmosphere I've seen for a political party. I guess it's 2018 when it was that almost that bad. Well, look, but that's why I think Oz or McCormick is very likely to win the general election. Well,

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