Wuhan Virologist Study Suggests Monkeypox Detected by PCR Tests


But here's the actual report on it because this sounds like something if I were Joe Biden I'd be concerned about right Rather than starting World War three which seemed to be his main concern this week And Joe Biden was like list of things to do Box number one start a war three box number two F up the international oil and gas supply by restricting gulf leases and in Alaska My point number three screw up the healthcare system more by lobbying to increase ObamaCare subsidy It was girl number four Piss off all Americans by making sure food inflation goes through the roof and then makes your babies can't get formula Okay so number 5 was probably let's hide the new monkey pox story that came out because Joe Biden is obviously a forest fire everywhere the man goes So from the reporting this study was first published in February 2022 Just months before the latest international outbreak a monkeypox cases which appears to have now reached the United States The paper folks this is hard to believe the paper talking about the study Which was authored by 9 Wuhan institute of virology researchers I'm done That's it Stories over Do we need the same author why are they still doing research Why are they still doing research Authored by 9 Wuhan institute of virology researchers And published in this quarterly journal follows the wide scale use of PCR reaction tests to identify COVID-19 positive individuals The researchers appeared to identify a portion of the monkeypox virus genome enabling PCR tests to identify the virus then the paper titled aficion assembly of a large fragment of monkeypox virus genome as a QPC R template using dual selection based transformation associated recombination I don't know about you folks but if I was Joe Biden I'd be less focused on World War three with China And more on pushing Fauci and others that the Wuhan lamp guys and ladies over there maybe you're not good at this

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