Kash Patel: Robby Mook's Testimony Just Destroyed Clinton


I know you were a humble guy but you guys really exposed this thing from the start and it's kind of interesting isn't it to see media people now recognize basic facts in the case that we knew a while ago like Robbie mook the campaign manager just blurting out in court on Friday shocking everyone saying hey the whole pee pee tape collusion oaks Yeah yeah Hillary knew about it I mean so Anthony climactic right I mean I was expecting some big splashy moment and now it all finally comes out No you're totally right And look remember I interrogated Robbie mook four years under oath just like I did with Susan and those transcripts are available for the world to see And even I as a former federal prosecutor you as a former law enforcement agent no witness is usually prepared But when they give you a gem like that and they blurt out something like that that basically is Clinton's number one person is saying that Hillary Clinton has been lying for 5 years and not only did she know about the operation for disinformation but she authorized it and sent her team to go leak it to the media I don't know how much more of a damning statement you can make under oath about Hillary Clinton That is And that's nothing to do with the indictment which is even crazier part to me It's just like he just destroyed Clinton

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