Smylie Kaufman Discusses His Spring Break Trip

Fore The People


Think we wouldn't be good credible journalists if we didn't talk about smiley's partial nudity, it's spring break. Yeah, we need to talk about partial nudity here on spring break. How did that trip? How did that trip come? You've probably talked about a million times, but the people want to know more than anything. How did that trip come about? That was the week after Augusta, wasn't it? It was two weeks after. So I think Ricky and JT decided to play Hilton head the following week. And JT, thanks to me about going on to bakers. I guess I was first alternate and got in. The fourth was at the time. And I was at it as a fourth. Which was awesome. I was like, cool. Those three guys are great. Love them all. And so we had known were going on this trip prior to Augusta. So going into the final group of Augusta, I've known Jordan like casually, but I had been on a trip with them. We went to different schools, you know, we didn't really talk a ton in college. So our first really time we played together was at Augusta on Sunday and so we knew we were about to go drink a lot of beers together, but we knew it was going to happen later. So we were like, all right, and so after that trip, you know, hey man I both obviously had steam we needed to get out. And just from playing bad. And then I think JT or Rick both shot a million at Hilton head. We get to baker's coming in hot. Like, I mean, all four of us are white. We played some really bad golf. We need to drink a million beers. And yeah, we just had a hell of a time. And Rick was pretty big on social media at the time, obviously. He's always been pretty big on it. And so is JT. This was kind of when Rick was a big social media guy. And Jordan really didn't do a whole lot. I had probably 5, 10,000 followers at the time at the end of the trip. I had so many. It was just like, what is going on? A lot of people here. People like the content. We were just being, you know, I think it was just we were being ourselves and it was a

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