Biden Pledges Military Intervention Over Taiwan


Let me play for you the president in Japan this morning with the prime minister of Japan at his side. Can we play that cut for him, please? We agree with one China policy. We signed on to it. And all the attendant agreements made from there. But the idea that it could be taken by force just taken by force is just not a crocodile. Are you willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan if it comes to that? Yes. You are. That's a commitment we made. I see very smart people like Gerard baker, Jerry dunleavy, saying The White House has already walking this back, Brett Stevens. What do you make of this? I think it's the right call by the president. I'll tell you why. The one China policy is increasingly a dead letter. I wish it weren't, but that was a change that was really brought about by Xi Jinping at the 70th or I guess it was a hundredth anniversary of the communist party last year. And when posed with this kind of direct question in the midst of the Ukrainian war, if he had said anything other than that, I think it would have been a moment like 1950 when ambiguity from the United States invited Korean communist aggression in Korea.

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