Hillary Clinton’s Role in the Alfa Bank Scandal Revealed


This is from Eric, who says, Charlie, I just saw the breaking news. That Hillary herself approved leaking the alpha bank story to the press. I know you've said before that Hillary and the real big fish won't get arrested or indicted. Does this change things for you, Eric? So thank you for emailing us your thoughts freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. This is a bombshell story. That has come out in the last couple of days. So this is coming up because of the trial of Michael sussman. Now, if you are confused about Michael sussmann and alpha bank, I encourage you to go back a week ago, where we had cash Patel, join the program and listen to that whole episode. It's a terrific episode. We're going to repost it on Charlie Kirk dot com where we go into great detail of Michael sussman and the indictments. We've been playing it on our live stream actually in between the breaks. And so we've been getting great response from that. So a lot of the kind of Clinton characters have been called to testify in this case. And so

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