Alex Jones must pay $45.2 million in punitive damages, jury decides


I'm Mike Gracia reporting Alex Jones has been ordered to pay $49.3 million for his lies about the sandy hook elementary massacre Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been ordered by Texas jury to pay $49.3 million in total damages to the parents of a first grader killed in the 2012 sandy hook elementary school massacre Jones falsely called the attack a hoax saying it was orchestrated by the government to tighten U.S. gun laws The jury award came in the final phase of a two week trial adding $45.2 million in punitive damages to the $4.1 million in compensatory damages Jones was ordered to pay Neil heslin and Scarlett Lewis The couple who 6 year old son Jesse Lewis was among 19 children and 6 educators killed in the classroom shooting had sought $150 million

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